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Platinium Sponsors & Partners

Company name Logo Website Country
Lytid http://lytid.com/ France
Tydex http://www.tydexoptics.com/ Russia


Région Île de France   https://www.iledefrance.fr/ France
Fondation Maison de la Chimie   France


Gold Sponsors & Partners


LPENS   https://www.ens.fr/en/ens/universite-psl France


Silver Sponsors & Partners

Company name Logo Website Country
i2S   https://www.i2s.fr/en  France
Menlo Systems Gmbh   https://www.menlosystems.com/ Germany
TeraMetrix   https://lunainc.com/thz/ United States


Standard Sponsors & Partners

Company name Logo Website Country
Advantest Corporation   https://www.advantest.com/ Japan
China Communication Technology Co., Ltd     China
Fyla Laser SL   https://www.fyla.com/ Spain


Société Française de Physique France
Sorbonne University, UFR de Physique   http://ufr925.ent.upmc.fr/ France




Within the framework of a true partnership, the Organizing Committee associates the industrials who play a part in the development of research in this vast field. Thus, by taking your share into the organization of this Conference at national and international levels, you contribute to its success. It is also an interesting opportunity to present your know-how and to happen to meet with new contacts.

Standard Sponsor
1 500 €
Silver Sponsor
3 000 €
Gold Sponsor
5 000 €
Platinium Sponsor
10 000 € and more

- on the conference website: your logo, a short text presentation and a link towards your website
- your logo in the dedicated page of the paper program
- your leaflet in the delegate bags
- 1 exhibition badge


- 1 conference badge
- advertisement: 1/2 page in the paper program


- a 2nd conference badge
- advertisement: 1 page in the paper program (instead of 1/2 page)


Your choice among the following

- your logo on one of the items in the delegate bags (pen or note-book)
- table signs with acknowledgements for one event of the social program (gala dinner, welcome reception, coffee break)
- your suggestion to be considered


REGISTRATION, Booth choice and Sponsoring options:

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